2-Gallon Open-Top Polyester The Drive in Automotive Waste Basket

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  • EASY TO ATTACH - If you prefer your car trash bag hanging behind a headrest or fastened to the console, simply use the adjustable quick-connect mounting strap to clip the car garbage can where you need it.
  • BONUS CAR TRASH BAGS - Our collapsible trash can for car, truck, and van owners also includes 20 complimentary garbage bags to help keep the interior of the wastebasket bin clean when tidying up.
  • DURABLE - Each car trash bin is equipped with double reinforced interior lining to ensure crumbs, cups, scraps, and wrappers stay within the securely padded walls.
  • LEAKPROOF - The Drive Auto trash can is a must-have on the list of car essentials. Made with washable and waterproof material, it'll handle spilled juice, milk, soda, and other liquids without worry.
  • ACCESSIBLE - An open top makes throwing away trash a breeze with these automotive garbage cans. Perfect size (13" across by 7" wide x 9" tall) to bring along on family road trips, car rides with friends, and other adventures!

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