Aero Truffle Bars

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  • As if AERO milk chocolate wasn't decadent enough, NESTLÉ AERO TRUFFLE Chocolate Bars (105 g) introduce a new way to experience pure chocolate bliss. Each delicious chocolate bar piece is rich in chocolate with a bubbly milk chocolate truffle centre you can't resist. It's so smooth, so delightfully melt-in-your-mouth, you'll want to break off a piece to share with family and friends. After all, good things are made great when experienced with others. It's sure to be your latest craving as you FEEL THE BUBBLES MELT
  • Available in 4 different flavours: Truffle, Nanaimo, Mousse, and Black Forest

Each bar has a different expiry:

  • Truffle: June 19th
  • Nanaimo: September 9th
  • Mousse: August 9th
  • Black Forest: August 12th

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