AXE 113g 48H High Definition Scent Deodorant Bodyspray: Apollo Sage and Cedarwood

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  • Get all-day freshness with this NEW and upgraded AXE Apollo Deodorant Body Spray
  • Bust odour, smell irresistible for 48 hours with our first Dual Action Body Spray Deodorant boasting our unique Apollo fragrance and long-lasting odour protection
  • "An irresistibly smelling deodorant body spray for men featuring a crisp scent of green fruits with a masculine blend of cedarwood and sage "
  • Shake, twist and spray AXE Apollo Body Spray deodorant across your chest to smell irresistible
  • AXE Apollo Body Spray has an aluminum-free formula and comes in a new design can be made with infinitely recyclable metal

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