Crayola Pearlescent Cream Sticks & Case Gift Set

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Crayola signature pearlescent cream sticks offer 10 creamy colors in a smooth formula that's perfect for fine art or craft projects. These versatile art tools can be used dry or add a bit of water for blending. Works great for other effects like edging, large area shading and water color effects like spritzing or dripping. Comes in a decorative storage tin

  • Cream sticks: these unique coloring tools have a creamy texture that glides across the paper.
  • Pearlescent colors: Enjoy 10 pearlescent pigments including sky blue, black, red, orange circuit, Emerald, violet, blue bolt, Magenta, golden yellow, and white.
  • Less mess: unlike traditional oil pastels, the pen-style casing and twist up core of signature cream sticks allows them to be held without color rubbing onto your hands.
  • Travel friendly:  caps and clips make these coloring supplies portable and protected for mess free travel.
  • Arts & crafts: other useful art techniques include large area shading, and watercolor effects like spritzing or dripping.

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