E Tronic Edge 3-Pack Headband

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  • Are you looking for a headband designed for sports & training? As one of the best fitness accessories, our bands will help solve your pesky hair problems so you can focus on slaying your workout.
  • Designed for logging miles, crushing weights, or a burpee sesh in the home gym, this headband is a perfect fit. With nylon and spandex bonding, it's breathable, moisture-wicking and machine washable.
  • Thanks to the grip strip on this sports headband, you won't have to worry about it slipping off. It will help keep sweat out of your eyes, and stay put, no matter how many miles you clock up.
  • This sweatband is more than workout gear and will turn any gym outfit stylish. Plus, it’s a good hair accessory for virtual meetings or to hide a bad haircut. Sportswear is boring, Nah!
  • Know someone who enjoys long workout sessions? This fitness hair band will make a great gift for both men and women. Perfect to go with your sneakers or a biker jacket, all day or night.

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