Hicoup Premium Waiter Corkscrew

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  • Easy to Use: This wine bottle opener makes popping that cork as easy as 1,2,3! It can be used single-handed, freeing the other hand for anything else. The best tool a sommelier can get!
  • Twist and Groove: No wine bottle will be a match for this corkscrew. Ergonomically designed with stainless steel, it removes any cork in mere 5 twists without any awkward squeaking or breakage.
  • Double-Hinged: Forget another cumbersome wine corkscrew, this one offers an effective fulcrum to provide extra leverage for quick two-stage removal. Topped with a sleek design!
  • Superior Serration: The long foil cutter on our all-in-one wine opener really cuts to it. Slide it around the mouth of the bottle for precision-cut and stow away after use. Save the wine!
  • Great Gift: Our bottle opener with a resin handle comes in an array of bright colours. You can present it along with other wine gifts. Contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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