HiCoup Premium Wing Corkscrew

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  • If all you want is a warming glass of your favourite red, you'll be pleased to know our easy-to-use wine openers are more than willing to facilitate. No more frustrating fights with inadequate tools. This superior design offers a two-inch wide ergonomic handle that effortlessly twists the specially crafted helix screw into the cork for a secure grip
  • This cork screw is crafted with a longer body, and a bottom collar that easily sits on top of the bottle. By resting our wine corkscrew on the rim, it prevents the worm from traveling too far and breaking the cork. In addition, our polished butterfly corkscrew has been designed to remove any sized cork, so whatever your blend, this dynamic cork opener will let your wine breathe
  •  This corkscrew wine opener comes with a bonus, high-quality wine stopper to help preserve leftover wine, in style. Easy to insert and remove, this robust stopper’s sealing rings block the bottle neck, protecting your valuable vino from too much aeration, and helping to avoid messy spillages


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