Oleum Vera Wakeup Cleansing Grains and Glow Mask kit

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  • Wake up your skin with organic treatments, including 3 glow masks and 3 nourishing oat scrubs.Is your skin feeling dull? Wake it up by mixing your own beauty recipes with Oleum Vera’s Wake-Up Fresh Masks. Created exclusively from natural and organic ingredients (certified by Ecocert, Cosmos Organic and USDA Organic), our DIY capsules will allow you to create (make) 2 fresh recipes, for a total of 6 applications:A cleansing grain mask made of oats and white kaolin clay to deeply cleanse your skin (3 applications). This recipe combines the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory virtues of clay with the moisturizing and exfoliating properties of oats for a fresh complexion.A glow mask recipe made of white kaolin clay, spirulina and rosehip fruit oil to restore the radiance of your skin (3 applications). White kaolin clay helps fight hormonal skin imbalances. This effect increases tenfold with spirulina, a dry green algae known for its ability to eliminate toxins for a toned skin. How to use our kit? Simply mix the content of our fun capsules and enjoy the result of natural ingredients on your skin.

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