Quility 20lbs 86"x92" 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets

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  • 2 different colours to choose from: Grey Or Navy
  • Nothing beats the sweet restoration of a restful night's sleep and our innovative 7 layered weighted blanket will have you sleeping like a baby. Using advanced sewing tech & high-quality materials, this heavy blanket will have you smiling at bedtime!
  • For us, excellence & functionality are a priority. That’s why our premium cooling blanket is made from superior, ultra-breathable 100% cotton, lined w/ non-glued padding and two extra polyester layers containing millions of premium micro glass beads.
  • Whether you want a cooling weighted blanket or a heated weighted blanket, all of our throws come w/ a pre-attached & removable minky cover for optimal temperature control. Use for extra warmth in the winter or unzip & untie to cool off in the summer!
  • Our heavy cotton blanket helps soothe as you settle into bed. Providing the sensation of being hugged or embraced, our anxiety blanket increases your levels of serotonin & melatonin, as well as reducing cortisol. Wake feeling lighter & brighter.

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