Solar Power Bug Zapper

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  • A blue UV light attracts and zaps undesirable bugs with the Solar-Powered LED Bug Zapper Lantern. The light flickers in lantern mode to mimic a real flame. Solar panels charge during the day and can power the light for up to 8 hours on a full charge. Hang it, set it on a level surface, or stake it into the ground!
  • Bug zappers are essentially the same as they were when they were initially introduced, despite considerable advancements in safety and insect enticing capability. Insects are drawn into a high-voltage electrical wire mesh grid by a UV emitting light bulb, where they are electrocuted. A protective plastic or grounded metal cage surrounds the light bulb and cables. To attract insects, most Zappers employ fluorescent light bulbs that emit ultraviolet light. What is it about UV light that attracts bugs? Intriguingly, UV light reveals the flower patterns that insects are drawn to!

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