TBC 36-Piece Washable Semi-Moist Watercolours

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Beautifully wrapped, it can be given as a gift. The surface is smooth and can be used when the brush is wet.
• Variety of vibrant colours assorted neon, classic watercolours, more choices and possibilities for your arts. Kids will love mixing and blending colours to create even more colour possibilities
• The colors can be superimposed and the effect of shading is better.
• Independent color block, easy to take out and easy to use.
• Rich Beautiful Smooth Water Colours, Comes with 1 Artist Nylon Paint Brush.
• Washable watercolour painting is enjoyed by children of all ages, washable watercolour art is creative, but perceived as less messy than other paints because of the plastic container design, 36 popular colours in convenient pans, paint brush included making it a complete ready-to-use set.
• Paints can dry out easily if not stored properly, remember to cap them after use and keep them out of sunlight & high temperature when they are stored.

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