TechOrbits 3-Tray Standing Desk Converter – Rise-X Pro

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  • 37" Wide
  • The Rise-X Pro is an adjustable standing desk designed to improve your comfort and posture. Whether you want to sit or stand, it can accommodate.
  • Simply squeeze the desk riser handles and gas springs will raise the tabletop up to 20”. Suitable for anyone between 5ft and 6ft 4” tall.
  • Our ergonomic stand up desk sits on any flat tabletop, offers cord organization, and a removable 2nd level keyboard tray.
  • If your current desk is fast becoming cluttered and unworkable, our standing desk riser has room for a laptop, a keyboard, 2 monitors, and more.
  • This height adjustable desk holds up to 33lbs and is an ideal gift for those wanting a more ergonomic way to work. It’s head and shoulders above the competition.

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