Transformers Megatron Action Figure

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Dimensions (Overall): 9 Inches (H) x 7 Inches (W) x 6 Inches (D)

Weight: 1 Pounds

Suggested Age: 14 Years and Up

Number of Figures: 1

Doll Theme: Superheroes and Comics

Articulation (posable joints): No Articulation

Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Battery: No Battery Used


Megatron is the ruthless leader of the evil Decepticons. A cold, calculating military strategist, Megatron is the complete opposite of his nemesis, Optimus Prime. Bent on stripping the earth of its resources in his quest to return to Cybertron, Megtron will let nothing, or no one, stand in his way.

The Megatron statue stands over 9” tall and is inspired by his appearance in the classic Transformers animated series. Armed with his mounted fusion cannon, Megatron stands ready to rule over your Transformers collection with an iron fist!

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