Umbra Flex Toilet Brush & Holder

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  • A toilet brush that efficiently gets the job done, Umbra Flex Sure-Lock Toilet Brush makes cleaning your toilet a less gruesome chore. With rubberized bristles that are both soft and durable, this toilet brush prevents odour-causing bacteria, mould or mildew for a sanitary and long-lasting brush. Its lid holds open when the brush is removed and automatically closes when putting back into place, all without having to touch anything but the handle. Providing a thorough clean, Flex has four cleaning zones that target all hard to reach places: bottom bristles that conform to the shape of the bowl, side bristles for scrubbing hard to reach spots, back bristles for cleaning under the rim, and a scraper in the front. Flex Toilet Brush’s canister neatly stores the brush when not in use and can be either secured to the floor or attached to a smooth vertical surface such as the side of a tiled bathtub, or tiled walls. Umbra’s sure-lock technology works on smooth, flat surfaces including tile, glass, mirrored or melamine. creating a non-damaging vacuum seal grip for a strong and sturdy hold. Rust, mould and bacteria-resistant, this toilet brush is sure to last, providing a strong clean without scratching your toilet.

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