Umbra- Tug Paper Towel Holder

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  • Colour: smoke
  • MODERN & ELEGANT: Tug is a modern stand up paper towel holder with smooth, elegant lines and a modern brushed nickel finish that is sure to enhance your kitchen decor
  • The secret behind Tug's patented design is the unique shape of the spine which features a curved rubber form that secures the core of your paper towel roll so you get an easy one-handed tear everytime
  • Slide any standard size paper towel roll (from any brand) onto the spine of Tug then once you pull out the piece of paper towel you want, give a firm 'tug' from the top down to tear the sheet away
  • Umbra Tug Paper Towel Holder features a weighted base to help prevent it from toppling over and ensure it stays firmly in place when you tear off a sheet of paper towel
  • Umbra Tug Paper Towel Holder features a padded base that prevents it from sliding or scratching the surface of your countertop or table 13.5 inches tall with a 6.5 inch diameter base

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